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Wunderlist review: to-do lists done right

Wanted to let you in on a little app, that I’ve been using now for a little over a year. It’s been around for a while, but I still think it’s fantastic and unmatched in its category. It’s called Wunderlist by 6Wunderkinder. It’s not a finance app per se…it’s a task management app. Yep, you make lists and stuff. Right, so how can this be fun?

Well, it helps you to organize all the things you need to do. Whether it’s setting up a list to remind you to pay a bill, call the bank, make a meal plan, have a list of movies you want to see or making a list of household chores for the week, Wunderlist makes it easy. You can sort and “star” high priority tasks, check off your completed items and set due dates and reminders so you never miss another event or deadline. To me, who can’t remember a darn thing, it’s a godsend.

What makes Wunderlist wunderful

I’ve tried many, many other listing apps and they either try to get too cute and complicated or they’re the complete opposite – they only work well as a grocery list or travel checklist, or whatever niche you want to fill. As a task management app, this does it all and works seamlessly across almost any platform: Mac and Windows, iPhone, Android or on the Web. And if you’re on an iPhone or Android device, you can set it to send push notifications and use Siri or Voice Actions to dictate your lists, from within the app. Although I find most often, it’s just easier to type it out.

Last month I discussed making grocery lists and meal plans and that’s primarily what I use Wunderlist for – it’s my go-to grocery/shopping list app. Once I figure out what meals I’m having for the week, I simply set up a list for groceries, which will include all my grocery items for the week. One list for all grocery stores, that way no matter what store I’m at, I only have to check the one grocery list. I sometimes add extra notes like if the item is on sale, I’ll specify a brand name, or add (coupon) in brackets, to remind me I have a coupon for that. Or whatever shortcodes you can think of. And while at that store, I can just check that list on my phone and see if I need anything (or you can print it out too, from their website). Another great feature is the ability to flag Wunderlist list items with the ‘star’ icon. This adds them to the top of the list to denote the level of importance. I use this when we’re out of stock of a grocery item and need it urgently, it gets my attention. I’ve also lately been using the Wunderlist ‘star’ icon to flag sales, so I don’t have to write that the item is on sale.

Aside from groceries, I’ve also built separate lists for specific hardware and department stores like The Home Depot, Walmart, Costco, etc. that I step into occasionally for things I need to pick up when I’m nearby. It’s always good to plan ahead. It’s amazing nowadays how often I forget that we’re out of diapers or wipes. But luckily for this, my wife and I are still talking.

If you’re using Wunderlist 2 on your iPhone or Android, it now shows you all of your recently checked off items. So if you have grocery items that you buy every week, like milk and bread, instead of typing them out over and over again, you can now just uncheck the completed item and it’s back on your list of to-dos.

Get your head in the Cloud

The best part (beyond being totally FREE), is it’s all in the Cloud, so it’s everywhere you need it. When you register, you’re just using your email addy. No name or anything, so for the security nuts out there (me, included) – you can rest assured, no one will be stealing your grocery list information. They do have a paid PRO version that allows for better collaboration within teams. But if you’re just looking for a simple to-do list, there’s no reason to move from the free version.

Wunderlist makes it super simple to share your lists with anyone.  So if my wife’s already on her way to the grocery store, I can add one last item I forgot to add to the list and when she’s at the store, she simply syncs our grocery list and there it is, “Cauliflower” in all its digitized glory. As she checks off things she bought at the grocery store, they’ll disappear off my list, instantly.

Wunderlist 2 has made some improvements with an Activity Center that delivers instant notifications to your device, without having to refresh or re-sync, albeit the notifications can be a little annoying. It now brings recurring tasks, subtasks, that were on the previous version. Other apps have tried the same thing but fail miserably when it comes to either sharing lists, cross-platform compatibility and ease of use (Apple Reminders included). Right now there’s no way to add location-based alerts, repeat reminders, or a way to delete their default “Inbox” list.

Overall, it’s a simple, uncomplicated application that works and looks great. It’s one of my favourite apps, hands down. So give Wunderlist a try and start organizing your life!

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