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Thrifty Dad turns 1

Well not me personally, but my little blog just turned one this week… or was that last? It’s been a busy few weeks and quite the year, I’m starting to lose track of time.

When I look back, I guess one could say this blog took a while to come to fruition. I grew up learning from my parents that you can only spend what you have, and thus, with no debt, I managed to build a pretty jar of savings. My circle of friends were pretty thrifty as well. But when I got to university, that whole debt picture changed. Many of my friends had blown their entire year’s student loans in the first month of school! I never really thought much of it, until I met my future wife, who had amassed over $40,000 in school and car loans.

And so I secretly read up on it, scouring as many books as I could find, and finance blogs like Get Rich Slowly and The Simple Dollar, to improve her situation and eventually ours.
And the more I got interested, the more I wanted to pass on what I had learned – and eventually, helped to fuel the idea for my own blog.

The long road here

So, I tried setting this up a year earlier. That didn’t quite pan out. I remember J.D. from Get Rich Slowly mentioning how blogging does take a considerable amount of time (boy, was he right – especially when you’re not a natural writer) and he mentioned before you even start building your site, it’s a good idea to build up a number of posts for those weeks where you can’t think of what to write. A couple of years back, mind you, I had a lot more free time (and no children), so I had about 50 posts or so and saved them on this nifty USB key. Then one day poof! — it all went missing! Yep, about 6 months of work, LOST. My computer had just died a month earlier, so I had lost a lot of the files, but I figured it was all backed up on this USB. What could possibly go wrong? In truth, I think I was more worried about who was reading it and that possibly good financial information would fall into the wrong hands.

But as it turns out, it was all for the better. For those of you that read my post ‘What my art teacher taught me‘ – sometimes you just need a clean slate. I did manage to save a few posts on my machine and thankfully never published them.

A newborn perspective

Then I had my daughter and it really changed just about everything (including my posting frequency). I wasn’t only thinking about our future now, it was our daughter’s as well. Being a dad really changed my perspective. And now with another babe in arms, it’s become even more important.

And so thriftydad.ca was born. From its humble beginnings, I began writing and gearing my content to help the other dads out there on their financial quests. But as I got to writing, I noticed many others (not just dads) were connecting to my content. So I thought I’d write about a bunch of different topics, cast a wider net and see what sticks. But as luck would have it, my most popular posts and my most Googled content aren’t even on similar topics!  But after all, I’m not trying to write about what is popular, but what I think is important/helpful to others. And am glad to have made some great connections along the way.

A big thanks to all the readers

I’d like to thank absolutely everyone that visits my little blog and reads through my often 1000+ word posts. I really don’t know how you do it. I really appreciate every comment, every share, every visitor. My traffic numbers are a bit of a light sneeze when compared to some of the stats of other blogs I’ve been seeing. But for a weekly blog, I’m thankful that the followers I do have, are very loyal ones, who come here to read, comment, and share my posts week-to-week. It took a while to get to this point, but you know your blog doesn’t suck when some of the top bloggers in this niche happen to tweet my articles even before I get a chance to. The first time’s probably an accident, the second time they couldn’t find something else to share, but the third time… well I start to think, maybe this is not all for naught!

So thanks again! If there’s anything you would like me to feature on this site, or you have a story you would like to tell or have any suggestions/comments for my site, please visit my Contact page and drop me a line. Anytime.

In the meantime, it IS my blogiversary after all, so feel free to take a piece of cake and share the pie.

‘Til next time. Cheers!
Anthony (Thrifty Dad)

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