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  • Grocery shopping tips to save money
    Food,  Saving

    More ways to save money on groceries

    We’ve all heard the same money-saving grocery tips like: look for the sales, shop with coupons, buy the private label brands, and shop the perimeter of your store. While these are no doubt, great ways to save…

  • Entertainment

    My frugal Uncle Santa

    Every Christmas, our whole family would get together at someone’s house to celebrate the holidays. These were some of my fondest holiday memories. Now I come from a pretty big family, which has been growing larger and…

  • Debt Management

    The Art of window shopping

    According to a recent survey by the Bank of Montreal, Canadians plan to spend an average of $1,610 this holiday season. That’s up a little over 15% from last year. Sixteen-hundred and ten is a little more…

  • Saving

    Is time more important than money?

    There’s nothing that I hate more than traffic. Or waiting in line. Or anything that robs me of my time that could be better spent with family and friends. To me, especially now, with a child of…

  • Saving

    How I learned to love junk mail

    Every Wednesday and Friday night, courtesy of my free bi-weekly local newspaper, I get a huge wad of junk mail dropped on my doorstep – KAAaaadunk!! I’m talking local newspapers, flyers, direct mail. That’s probably a sound that…

  • Saving

    Couponing for beginners

    The history of the coupon can be traced back to 1887, when John Pemberton, pharmacist and Coca-Cola inventor began handing out drink cards for free samples, encouraging people on the street, to come in and try their…