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If you want it bad enough, you’ll make the sacrifices

In last week’s post, I talked about battling your impulses and funny enough, two of my coworkers were discussing this martial arts gym, that she had joined. And the second was so excited about the idea, that within a matter of minutes, he made the same decision to join up for some free sessions elsewhere — at an acclaimed boxing and mixed martial arts gym nearby. Problem was, he had no idea how much this was going to cost. And with no pricing listed on their website, it’s usually the first indication that it’s going to be an expensive ride. Always do some research beforehand.

When talk isn’t cheap

So, after his first session and no talk of pricing, I did some poking around some online members’ forums and found, that on average, members at this club were saying not to expect anything less than $100/month. Nothing to sneeze at!

Now, whenever you’re buying a product, it doesn’t matter whether you buy it at one store or another. If it’s the same exact product, you may as well pay the cheapest price you can. But when you’re forking over money for a service, and although it’s not always the case, sometimes you truly do get what you pay for. But the gym is still pretty expensive, considering a lot of the other places in the area were selling similar unlimited memberships for half that price.

The difference here, as he later found out, was you were not only paying for their expertise, and the large stack of competition-winning trophies on their wall, but also for the more personalized approach to training — groups were no larger than six people, at any one time. Nonetheless, when I told him this, he kind of got nervous about it but didn’t want to make any calls until he heard the numbers from the actual club, itself.

Don’t let your dreams go up in smoke

So, after three days of free training sessions, which he loved, he finally asked. The damage: $120 per month or $100 per month if locked-into a one-year contract. I knew he really wanted it. In fact, this was the first time I’ve seen him that excited in a long time. But when he asked others at work what he should do, they immediately planted seeds of doubt in his mind. As he was heading out for another smoke, he paused and says to me, well what do you think? And my advice to him was this, “yes, it is expensive, but if you want something bad enough, you’ll make the sacrifices”, signalling at the carton in his hand. “If you were to cut down on some of that habit alone, you could make it happen.” “You know, you’re right,” he said as he put back his smokes in his coat pocket and hung up his coat.

Incomes being equal, why are some able to manage perfectly fine with expensive hobbies or habits, while others cannot? Because they’ve made it their priority. And this is true for a lot of things. If you’re unhappy at your current job, you’ll find ways to free up some time to dedicate to your job search and resume, work to grow your network and/or reconnect with old acquaintances/references, improve your skills/education or look for new ways to improve your current job situation. If you want to spend more time with family, you’ll make the time. You’ll plan activities for the family, perhaps look for a new job that doesn’t require all that overtime, or maybe has more flexible hours. You’ll shelve your extra projects or find work that’s closer to home. If you want to travel more, you’ll find ways to make time for it. You’ll look to see if you can cash in your reward miles, or take up other ways to earn extra money to cover your costs.

And if you’re truly serious about getting out of debt, or getting out of any other situation you’re in that you really want to change, for that matter, you’ll make the sacrifices. But — and there is one ‘but’ — you have to be willing to make the sacrifices. You have to WANT to want it.

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