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Get thrifty

So you’ve heard it all before: economy’s in the shitter, and you’re starting to feel the effects – stressful job, the kids, expenses piling up. Managing debts, budgeting, financial decisions. Where does a dad turn to? Why thriftydad.ca of course. Errr… right, spare us the cheese!

Some call it frugal, some call it thrifty. But what does it really mean to be thrifty? Well, I looked it up. Thrifty [thrif-tee] – using money and other resources carefully and not wastefully. I like that! Many associate the word thrifty with cheap. To me, that’s not it at all. I think you can earn a pretty decent living without breaking the bank or pinching every single penny. It’s about living in the balance.

We’re all dadults here

When my lovely wife and I tied the knot five years ago, we moved into our first home and everything was just peachy. But just as quickly, life and all its bills came rushing in. But on modest incomes, we managed fairly well.

In March of 2011, I became a proud daddy to a beautiful baby girl (I’m now the proud daddy of two). Our priorities quickly shifted and my idea of money has changed as well, as we quickly realized, that this wasn’t only about us. The last thing I want, is to see our kids growing up and upon mountains of debt. And being a parent is tough enough – money is the last thing you should be stressing about.

In the end, it’s about making the right financial decisions today – so our families and our children can succeed financially tomorrow. Getting thrifty can require a bit of work initially to get into the right mindset, but to be perfectly honest, I really don’t feel like we’re making any big sacrifices to our lifestyle at all and I don’t think you’ll need to either. We’re just re-prioritizing; cutting back on unnecessary expenses and making way for the things we like to do. We still go out, go on vacations and you can too.

I should add that I am no expert or financial wizard, by any means (and nor do you need to be). But I can honestly say, I’ve been pretty good with money and just like you, I’m learning things along the way. I’m here to provide you with useful resources I’ve come across. I’m not here to sell you on any get rich quick schemes, or sell you on anything really — just free and what I consider to be, sensible, financial advice that has helped me stay out of debt.

So what brings me here?

I’ve seen one too many friends caught up in a financial mess and horror stories of others trying to play catch-up for stupid financial mistakes they made in the past. It’s one thing when you’re young and single, but when as a parent, you have a financial responsibility not only to yourself, but your family, it becomes even more important. There’s nothing worse than seeing children and a family struggle, when they don’t have to.

Here’s a chance to put the past behind and focus on the now and get one step closer to the financial freedom you all deserve. I hope this personal finance blog serves to create awareness around your own personal finances, how important they are for you and your children and well, learn a few new tricks, here and there, of my own. And of course, my posts will be peppered with moments of frugality and spare change.

So dads, don your capes, it’s about to get thrifty in here.

And hey, if you’re not a dad, well, cheers! you’re just as welcome to stop by too.


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