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Thriftydad.ca is written and edited solely by me, except in the cases where guest/sponsored authors are visibly stated. I am no financial expert, by any means – just some underpaid designer :). My posts reflect all the experiences and opinions from my own financial life. From thrifting, budgeting, saving, and investing, while raising a family and hoping to encourage others to enjoy richer lives on smaller budgets.

This blog may use advertising, affiliate programs and other forms of compensation, from time-to-time. Any money received will never influence the content in this blog—only my wallet. If you wish to contact me about an advertising opportunity for Thriftydad.ca, please contact me through the Contact Page.

All views expressed on Thriftydad.ca are my own and are for informational purposes only.

No information found on this site should be taken as financial advice. Please consult a professional and use your own discretion before making any financial decisions based on any of the information contained in this blog. I am merely trying to provide information and resources, as best as I know, at the time of posting and are based solely on my own personal experiences with money.

If you disagree with any of the content on the site, I welcome your comments, suggestions and emails. Or you could start your own blog 🙂