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6 ways to save money when starting a home business

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Although it presents unique challenges, working from home offers a wide range of benefits. There’s no commute, you can set your own schedule, and you can have more time with your kids. However, another benefit for budding entrepreneurs is that starting a home-based business requires a far lower overhead than a traditional business. Working from home allows you to save on office space and commuting costs. You can make an even higher profit by using the following tips, putting more money in your pocket.

1. Purchase an all-inclusive web design package

No matter what type of business you decide to set up, you will need a website. Rather than paying separate professionals for graphic design, copywriting, hosting, and maintenance, look for a business that will provide all of the above. If you’re setting up an e-commerce website, shopping cart software will usually offer all of these services. A good alternative for a more professional and unique website is to look for a local company to serve you. Whether you need a Montreal or Edmonton web design team, choosing someone local is useful because they can help you with personal tech support. Be sure to ask about package deals.

2. Use drop shipping

If you’re selling products, contact wholesale manufacturers to find out if they provide drop shipping. This means that when a customer places an order with you, you then pay the manufacturer who ships the inventory directly to the customer. Dropshipping eliminates the need to purchase inventory upfront or find storage space, saving a significant amount of money.

3. Barter for local services

If you plan on using a local business to provide website design Ottawa or accounting in Montreal, you might want to find out if these businesses would be open to barter or trade. Other small businesses are often willing to offer their services in exchange for your own.

4. Use free online marketing

Rather than spending money on advertising, look for free promotional opportunities both within your community and online. Sponsor local events with your products and get on social media to reach out to a more diverse clientele. When working from home, you’ll need to interact with clients online and can do so with social media profiles, blogging, and consistent updates on your main website. This doesn’t cost any extra money and can increase visibility for your website.

5. Use energy-efficient products

Working from home can often cause you to use electricity for much of the day. A great way to save money in a home office is to use energy-saving light fixtures and appliances. You can always request an energy audit from your utility company to find out how you can conserve in the home and reduce your utility bills.

6. Combine trips

You don’t want to negate all the money you were saving on commuting by leaving the house multiple times a day to run errands! If you leave the house on separate trips to meet with clients, pick up the children from school, and do a groceries run, you’ll end up spending a bundle on fuel. Combine trips whenever possible and keep your vehicle maintained to provide the highest fuel economy.

By following these tips and using a little bit of creativity, running your own business from home can be a great way to create a new income stream.

If you have any additional money-saving tips, when starting a home business, feel free to share them here.

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